When Your Team, Brand Or Organisation Embrace Celebrity Service They Win.

When they hear the inspirational stories, when they adopt the award-winning techniques, and when they action the ideas, they achieve long term success. Of course, winning is different for everyone, so here’s a selection to get you just a tad excited...

Winning Awards


When your team, brand or organisation embrace Celebrity Service they win.

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The high street brand leaders Net Promoter Score increased an incredible 1.8 within just weeks of our first event together.

EC added their own twist to Celebrity Service called “Orange Carpet Service”, and went on to win a UK Customer Experience Award for Design and Improvement.

Moto Direct

“Since our event together we talk about Celebrity Service at each opportunity we have to interact with our partners and consumers”. The amazing results can be viewed in this video.

The Headland

A full day of Celebrity Service for the entire team was followed a year later with a follow up session featuring brand new stories and ideas. Hours after the second event, the team attended the Cornwall Business Awards where they were presented with the prestigious Customer Focus Award.

At the Cornwall Business Awards we were presented with the prestigious Customer Focus Award, highlighting our continued commitment to treating every guest like a ‘VIP’. The judges said they were particularly impressed with the language used by the Hotel, choosing not to refer to ‘customer service’ but instead the ‘celebrity service’ they provide – treating each customer as they would an A-list Hollywood star.

The Cornwall Business Awards’ recognition follows gold wins at both the South West and Cornwall Tourism Awards for recognition in Customer Service. The Headland became the first 5 star hotel in Cornwall.

Winning Results

Hey Geoff, I hope you are doing well. Since we last caught up, we’ve truly been bringing ‘Celebrity Service’ to life at Mobile Skips in Australia. The gloves idea has really taken off and we’ve now given away more than 15,000 pairs to customers that use us for the 1st time.

It’s turned into over 4000 Five Star reviews, and we’ve had sales growth over 40% for last year. Just awesome!

Winning Sales

Driver Hire Recruitment

I’ve attended more conferences than I care to remember over the last quarter of a century working in recruitment. Your presentation is certainly one of the most engaging, but definitely has the most instantly useable techniques.

Rather than the usual ‘booking managers’ we decided that we should seek out some of the unsung heroes amongst our customers; folks who process our invoices, issue P.O. numbers, have HR or Training responsibilities etc.

We took thank you cards and chocolates with it being Valentines this week. We have had an overwhelming response and met face to face with what turned out to be some of the most important people in our customers’ organisations.

None of these people are decision makers, although all of them are significant decision influencers. As a result of a simple thank you card and a box of chocolates, she has now TOLD (!) the decision maker that they are now going to book all warehouse staff through us.

I estimate c£50K additional spend. Thank you for the inspiration.

Winning Morale

Just thought I’d let you know you inspired us this with your ‘Welcome Back’ videos. We started talking about un-furloughing and we listened to the team to hear they were nervous, apprehensive and worried about returning... Not about the virus but about fitting back in to the retained team. They said it was like first day in new job or first day at school. Wow!

So we reminded them that they are stars…celebrities. We created special personalised posters on the door as this would be the first thing they see. And the stars were made from words their colleagues use to describe them. It’s been picked up by the Specsavers group and we’ve attributed back to your work! The result is a buzzing happy team.

Brad Parkes - Specsavers

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