The Celebrity Service Box


Ensure your teams are continually inspired to create and deliver Celebrity Service.



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The Videos

Nine exclusive videos featuring some never-before-seen stories, ideas and techniques were filmed in a studio to inspire your team. Watch them over and over again, take notes and generate new ways to deliver a greater experience.

The Wallchart

This is your very own visual reminder of what incredible service and experience looks like. You need to place it in a prominent position for your team to see and engage with. Now whenever you and the team come across a great service experience capture it, write it down, photograph it, pin it, use it, share it, and during your meeting discuss these ideas and how they could benefit you.

Challenge Cards

There are 15 cards that will ignite the spark in your Celebrity Service meeting. Each card has a question or a challenge. Take one per meeting and read aloud to the team. Use them to start the conversation, or run them as a ‘120 Challenge’ to help generate the ideas to an even greater service experience.

The Wheel

Now that you’ve created so many ideas the hardest part is knowing which to deliver first? The wheel of service fortune gives you and your team the opportunity to write your ideas in the segment, spin the wheel and where the pointer lands you deliver this to your colleagues or customers.

The Pin

The Celebrity Service recognition pin is awarded to the member of the team who have excelled in Celebrity Service. For their ideas, their attitude and their overall commitment to a greater customer experience they can wear the pin with pride until the next meeting

In The Box

There are lots of additional items inside including a note block, eco cup, pencils, notebook and of course pencils recycled from car tyres…so its time to burn some Celebrity Service rubber!

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