Celebrity Service Superstars




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“If you’re not being talked about, then you’re not delivering an experience that deserves to be talked about”.

Geoff Ramm has a passion for incredible customer service.

In this book, he’s hand-picked THE most original, unique and quirky examples of creative customer experiences that are guaranteed to inspire you and your team to outperform, outmanoeuvre and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

This is the book that your competitors wish they had, it’s your ticket to service superstardom and it’s going to reveal to you:

  • The gap in your service that you never knew existed.
  • Smart techniques to help you generate clever experiences of your own.
  • Simple, cost-effective ideas and touches that will mean the world to your customers.
  • Fun, fresh and exciting new perspectives that will inject your entire team with enthusiasm.
  • Fantastic ideas and inspiring stories that will get you spectacular results.

Why not join Geoff on this highly enjoyable, eye-opening and rewarding customer service journey around the world? He’ll introduce you to some of the amazing people he’s met who have discovered extraordinary ways to deliver world-class experiences, and he’ll show you how you can use their strategies to make your own brand unforgettable, your business unmissable and your customers coming back for more. So, are you ready to become a true Celebrity Service Superstar? Great! It’s time to get started on getting people talking… about you!

“Only Geoff has the skill to help you find the extraordinary” AFA

“Delivering the magic of creativity and awesomeness” MDRT

“Unrivalled Passion, Energy and Enthusiasm” BALFOUR BEATTY

“Infectious insights that will change the way you think” FRASERS

“It will ignite a desire to be the most talked about business on earth”  AIA Group